You May Create A Better Life With This Mentoring Program

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People who mentor often spend many hours teaching an inspiring others. If you are a mentor, you know how that is. But, you may have yet to consider that you may benefit from having a mentor for yourself. This mentoring program offers better success in business and life for those who try it.


Mentorship Enterprises is working to bring together the best business and personal self improvement advice yet. The website offers a unique mix of self improvement resources for business people. Finding so many great thinkers featured in one place is helpful.


The resources are supplementary to a very focused self improvement study course. It is focused in that it seeks to provide training events that will help you do business better. This is not about the nuts of bolts of the business, but rather about executive coaching. The kind of coaching you need when you know that you are not comfortable with things such as public presentations or networking events.


Business people often are great at their business, but have difficulty with things such as public speaking, meeting others in social business settings, and learning how to connect their business life to their home life in a meaningful way. The programs offered here give training in these areas, and much more. Goal setting with satisfaction and success closely tied is a top feature.


You may choose to enter one of three development programs. The first coaching level works to improve public presentation skills. The company interviews and accepts 14 participants for each session. Topics for training include creating a verbal business card, understanding body language, and public speeches.


The second coaching program includes discerning your own business style and developing effective business thought patterns. You should learn techniques to help you link business and home life together in a meaningful way. It is required that you participate through the first level before you take this second level.


The third level program, called The Miracle in the Mirror, deals with learning how to present your external self in such a way that it is congruent with your internal self. This is an inward looking program that seeks to educate participants about the way they present themselves confidently. This program is limited to 12 participants per session.


Though these core mentoring programs exist to provide a logical and consistent method to work toward business success, the website offers much more than the coaching events. You may enjoy looking over the listing of popular inspirational and motivational speakers to see what books are available for sale at a discount price. You can also find helpful links to financial and legal services, and some living healthy products.


Should you be looking for this type of inspirational mentoring, then there are several well respected authors listed in the book collection. If you are ready to be mentored yourself, or enter into mentoring friendships and business associations, then this also may be a helpful program set. Though the techniques are inward looking, the results are focused on outward successes. You may find that Mentorship Enterprises has the unique combination of things that you need.

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Mentorshipenterprise ensures that the internal dialogues of the clients are congruent with their external dialogues mentoring the perfect harmony in their lives. Making sure that the client perfectly understands that everything is achievable, they also train them in the art of self-help with precision.

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You May Create A Better Life With This Mentoring Program

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This article was published on 2010/09/08