Why Finding the Right Mentor For You is Important

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When starting a career in Online Marketing/Internet Marketing there are three important aspects of the of your new business that you need to look for. Firstly make sure you buy into a system that matches what you are looking for and also that has been proven to have made people similar to yourself successful. Secondly you need to be sure you understand exactly how the online business works, were to advertise, what marketing techniques to use etc. Then finally insure you find the right Mentor.

What is a Mentor? For the people who are new to the Online Marketing industry a Mentor is the person you buy the business opportunity from. You see with most Online Marketing systems one of the incomes streams will be commission that you make from the sales of the people who bought into the business through you. The reason the master minds behind these systems do this is to insure that every mentor helps the new members fully because if they didn't it would be detrimental to the earnings.

What to look for in a Mentor? You want someone who has a proven track record of making consistent money online through the system. Someone how has a wealth of knowledge of Internet Marketing and experienced in perfecting techniques in driving more traffic to their sites to make more money. But most importantly you want to find someone who will be more than happy to help you even with the simplest things, someone who is keen to insure you are successful.

How do you go about finding this person? Right you need to do a lot of research before buying into an Online Business opportunity then when you find the right online marketing system for you go to YouTube and search the business name. Then you will be produced a list of videos of people who are promoting the business. Spend some time viewing these videos, because apart from speaking with these people directly this is the second best way of getting a feel for them. When you feel you've found someone who knows what there talking about and someone you may get on with follow their link to there webpage and request a call back from them.

I strongly recommend speaking with the person and even if possible meeting them, get to know the person, find out about there success and most importantly how they can help you.

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Why Finding the Right Mentor For You is Important

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This article was published on 2010/04/04