Who Is Your Current Online Marketing Mentor?

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Last week I was talking to a guy at the gym I just become a member of. We were talking about the personal trainers we use. If you aren't acquainted with the term, these are physical training experts who are qualified to plan work-out plans based on a person's unique strengths, needs and goals.

Well, David said one thing that has stuck with me ever since. "I was so confused looking at the different books and fitness magazines. Everyone has a different opinion of what produces the best results. I ultimately figured if I was going to train, I might as well select one specialist, listen to them and follow their approach."

Later, as I was heading home, I thought about how appropriate my friend's comment was to Marketing on the internet. Everyone's a guru. (Even people who have yet to sell their first eBook.) And there are a million programs, books, secrets, techniques and strategies you could use. The catch is, it is possible to fall into what my business school professor called, "Analysis Paralysis". That's where a lot of people are trapped. They continue analyzing, and it gets in the way of really accomplishing something.

I was guilty of this, also. I must have acquired several hundred dollars worth of books and courses before I found what worked for me. Thankfully, the mentor I began to pay attention to was, in retrospect, a really good choice. And by following his instruction and listening to his ideas, I have built up a few profitable streams of income.

My point isn't that my "guru" is the best one for everybody. The point is to decide on one or maybe a a few people you really admire, and model them. Of course, make sure that they are actually successful in their own businesses first. But when you find somebody you respect and whose style you prefer, listen to their suggestions and stick with what they recommend in their writings.

Adopting this approach can save lots of brain cells that you would spend switching strategies and methods. It avoids confusion and offers you a good reference poing from which to work. You don't have to continue reading and searching out the latest eBooks. Assume your guru understands the latest methods and will advise you of how well they work.

I'm not suggesting you never look at another program or eZine again, it's just that you have one primary leader you follow, it's a whole lot easier to discover your way.

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Who Is Your Current Online Marketing Mentor?

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This article was published on 2011/03/25