What Makes A Girl Tick?

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When a group of boys get together, they either talk about sports or themselves. When girls get together, the topic of discussions generally revolve around boys. There may be various schools of thought regarding this matter, ranging from the trained and experienced to the unschooled yet having ridden on the rollercoaster of life. To better reinforce this observation, one need only flip through printed publications and browse the internet for the latest personality quiz for girls. More often than not, it is a compatibility quiz on choosing Mr Right, Mr Right Now or Mr Right After.

This however does not mean that all female minds do nothing all day long except ponder on seeking their soul mates. There are certainly more than a handful of successful females governing nations, running giant corporations, discovering cures to medical illnesses as well as juggling households, all within the same day by the same pair of hands. So as not to give activists a reason for burning undergarments or drum up a battle of the sexes, the personality quiz for girls goes beyond the borders of the hopeless romantic.

Since most, if not all, children have no say in the giving of their names at birth, the occasional one or two is bound to grow up in dissatisfaction at being named after their Great Grandaunt Myrtle or an amalgamation of names resulting in a bad idea. Short of perusing the giant book of names to pick out a replacement, it may be worth prying oneself away from girlie matters to indulge in a compatibility quiz to determine which name best lives up to one’s personality. Although it may seem odd to place the fate of one’s moniker in the hands of an unknown force, stranger things have been done.

Other reasons for taking these tests may be driven by more realistic matters such as interest in food, animals, arts, music, career and family. Even though it may seem inane to take a quiz to find out whether one can cook, there is surely no harm in finding out whether one can tell a difference between a washer and dryer as well as other basic qualities needed to survive in a kitchen. Whilst paying better attention during the home economics class may help sort out one’s problems, a personality quiz for girls may also determine whether one is a dog or cat person, thus making a visit to the animal shelter or pet shop a lot easier.

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What Makes A Girl Tick?

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What Makes A Girl Tick?

This article was published on 2011/06/25