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The present of Saturn in Virgo throughout the month disturbs your brothers and sisters in business and makes you less effortful, but it gives you a great quality to conceive matters in advance and give you financial benefits. It also helps your children grow in education and, in sports and in other matters in which they wish to excel.

Virgo Astrology 2012. The present of Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini throughout the month may keep your mother ill and give her health related troubles, but Ketu may give you new opportunity in your job and increase or boost up your business and may give you a religious bent of mind making you visit holy places keeping your moods up.

The transition of moon during 19th to 23rd, from 6th to 8th, from 11th to 13th are highly favorable as during these dates it gives you financial benefits, great moods making you agile to complete your projects, and benefit in business. Oppose to this the transits during 13th to 15th, from 26th to 28th, from 4th to 6th as it may bring you losses, unfruitful traveling and occasional indisposition. However from 1st to 3rd, from 24th to 26th, from 29th to 30th its transits may just be ordinarily helpful to you.Virgo Astrology 2012.

So as per the phase of transition of most of the planets their aspects on the fruitful houses, it is the month which may be good financially, help you to keep good relationship with the spouse, may give you travels to the holy places. But the Sun’s and the Moon’s transits on certain dates may not be fruitful and give you bad moods making you less productive.

It may give you financial losses, may keep your spouse indisposed, may be harmful to your reputation and loss in your business, may incur losses through theft and create mental disturbances as Saturn also aspects the Sun at that time. Therefore, try to avoid starting any new business when the Sun’s or Moon’s transits are not favorable to you so that you may avoid getting losses or unhappiness. Virgo Astrology 2012.

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Virgo Astrology 2012 - Horoscope and Astrology 2012

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Virgo Astrology 2012 - Horoscope and Astrology 2012

This article was published on 2011/12/09