Variety in Indian Recipes Is What Makes Them the Best in the Trade

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People throughout the country have different tastes. Culture and traditions play a big role in Indian food. There are also various celebrations which centre on food items. Delicacies are many but with regional variations these Indian recipes also change.

In India, it is easy to see that people have a large variety of options in the way they eat their food. North Indian recipes are mostly about non vegetarian food items while south Indians love their sambars and rice. A clear cut evidence of the difference is seen in the visit to a south Indian hotel and a normal dhaba in any town in the country. Regional variations are so many that one cannot easily point out top recipes in India. It would be rather a mix of cuisines from the various regions.

People in the country like to eat good food as is evident from their daily food habits. But the best proof of this fact is seen during celebrations and festivals. There are sure to be seen, plenty of items that are made in each and every household, which are presented to the gods and also which are shared among friends and families. Festivals such as Durga puja, Holi, Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Pongal, etc are some occasions, which have dishes made that are not only tongue tickling but reflect the culture in their truest sense.

A visit to the restaurants also shows the diversity in the recipes that people in India love. Be it vegetarian items or the non vegetarian items, the range of items can be simply mesmerising. Items made of chicken are probably staple to non vegetarian people. But then, there are also many other items such as mutton, prawn, lobsters, etc which are found in the restaurants. A single item can be cooked in different ways to present the guests with variety of options. People who eat outside can enjoy a taste of these varieties, and even have them cooked at home. Vegetarian lovers are treated to a variety of paneer items, mushroom, mixed vegetables and many more curries.

Dessert is a necessity in many courses. These can range from a specially made sweet dish to the delicious ice creams, topped by the cold drinks in form of masala variants. Sweet dishes are a specialty in many festivals, which rule the roost. Occasions like Dusshera in Kolkata are a festival of foods, where delicacies of a large variety are made in every household. It is literally like a food festival. Pongal is said to be enjoyed by people, mostly in South India, and celebrated with dishes prepared in every home and offered to the gods. This is a reflection of the love that people in India have towards food items.

In such a scenario, it is almost difficult to precisely point out the best Indian recipes. Different regions have their own specialties. There are many food items that can be included under the category of best, but this will be dependent on the tastes of people. There will be much difference in the items which are categorised as best in the north India and those, which are liked by the south Indians. Food in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan are also somewhat different from those in states of Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. West Bengal is a state that cooks differently in terms of Indian recipes.

As there are number of states in India, there are differences in the tastes of the palate. Accordingly, there are variations in the way people eat their food. But as far as Indian recipes are concerned, for every reason, their own item is considered to be the best. They relish their food with utmost interest and make it a point to consume these and share them with others whenever they are able to do so, especially during national celebrations.

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Variety in Indian Recipes Is What Makes Them the Best in the Trade

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Variety in Indian Recipes Is What Makes Them the Best in the Trade

This article was published on 2012/06/03