Tunnelling – Best Underground Automated Drilling Boring System

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Tunnelling became a national pastime in many countries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It was a means of accessing mine shafts for extracting minerals and coal and they were created very often by manual labour.  Long hours of sweat and toil went into the construction of tunnels and shafts and very often safety and health were compromised by dangerous working conditions.  Some of the most auspicious tunnels built in Europe were roadways through the Alps in France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.  These motorways through mountainous rock revolutionised mountain travel from one country to another and made such journeys accessible to more people, both by train and car.  Most tunnelling projects were industrially viable because of the development of automotive machines.  

The larger projects in the later 1900s were possible with the innovative manufacture of large rock cutting machines that not only bored their way through the bedrock but also broke it down and removed it to an area behind the cutting face where it could be loaded onto exit trucks or rail dumpers for removal to ground surface.  These large TBMs (tunnel boring machines) now make it possible for excavation on an awesome level to take place.  We could cite the Madrid ring road as one such project which required an automated drilling boring system of an unequalled size and technical capability. There are currently even larger projects on drawing boards around the world, which will require cutting heads of huge diameter and sophistication. With the advent of such technology we now see the ability of tunnellers to tunnel under waterways and seas. Micro tunnelling is a growing industry that enables the laying of cables and pipes for all purposes including telecommunications and sewerage removal.  The tunnels are only large enough to house the pipe diameter required.  
The tunnelling system is electronically and mechanically operated so the machine heads in the TBMs are manufactured not only to cut through soil and rock but also to crush it, liquidise it with water and remove it through flow pipes, to the ground surface above.  This fairly new and innovative system of boring tunnels is growing worldwide as it simplifies the process and makes it environmentally acceptable and safe especially for city and town centres. This form of tunnelling has also improved sewerage disposal which can now be piped out undersea to an appropriate distance where it disperses and is not washed back on land by tides and sea currents.  
Micro tunnelling will certainly revolutionise many forms of tunnelling use, but larger tunnels will still have to be completed to accommodate underground city transit systems and under water projects such as the Euro tunnel between Folkestone and Calais.
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Tunnelling – Best Underground Automated Drilling Boring System

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Tunnelling – Best Underground Automated Drilling Boring System

This article was published on 2011/10/18