The Various Attributes of Offset and Digital Printing

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When a customer decides to avail of digital printing services in a Miami print shop, they often choose color offset printing. This of course, will depend on what the customer is looking for and what he wants printed out – some of the most common ones are booklet printing Miami, catalog printing Miami, magazine printing Miami, etc. One positive thing with offset printing compared to other types of printing options is the fast turnaround time. In the printing business, offset printing has one of the quickest turnaround times and businesses who order large amount of prints find this ideal. Offset printers can create up to 30,000 impressions per minute which makes it perfect for bulk orders like creating promotional Miami flyers.


Offset printing is also cost effective because of its printing process. In offset printing, a single plate is used to produce prints, so when a client or business wants something printed in immense volumes the lesser they pay per printed piece. The plate is fed to lots of ink rollers repeatedly until the desired number of prints is achieved. The cost of the plate will be divided into how many prints that have been ordered. Aside from that, the production of the plates is a one-time cost and it can be used many times. An example in which this can be useful is if a client asks a printing company to create business cards and he ran short on them and therefore wants to print another batch. If the printing company still has the plate containing the design, the client will definitely pay a lower price.


Another type of printing that is widely used aside from offset printing is digital printing. Digital Miami printing has environmental advantages. Among digital printing’s environmentally ecological qualities is “on-demand production.” Placing orders in precise quantities reduces and possibly eliminates warehousing and associated cost as well as energy requirements. This is especially ideal for booklet printing Miami, magazine printing Miami and catalog printing Miami which all require loads of copies.


Digital printing also involves processes that reduce paper usage and associated costs while boosting efficiency at the same time; this means paperless workflow and soft proofing. One more thing digital Miami printing does for our environment is eliminating varnish. Varnish is necessary in offset printing and adds cost. Aside from that, UV varnish is considered an environmental hazard. Offset ink takes more or less 24 hours to dry, needing a coat of varnish to seal the surface of the inks; digitally printed products have a hard surface right after printing and have a low risk of color setoff, which makes varnish needed only to achieve visual effects.


Throughout the years, offset and digital printing is the most dependable services in the printing industry and remains the backbone of many Miami printing companies.

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The Various Attributes of Offset and Digital Printing

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The Various Attributes of Offset and Digital Printing

This article was published on 2012/03/27