The Reason Why People Think Of The Qnet Scam

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Run a search on the word QNET and you will find many articles with the headings such as QNET Scam, QNET fraud and other such articles. Now, let me tell you all these articles are COMPLETELY FALSE and do not have even an inkling of truth in them. QNET is a multinational conglomerate that is headquartered at Hong Kong, China and has a presence in more than twenty two nations worldwide through subsidiary arms. All of them follow the same MLM structure for their business activities and are successful everywhere.

Basically, the problem lies in the attitude of the people who join QNET as IRS. They have very high and unrealistic expectations from the business and when these dont get fulfilled, they blame the company for it. QNET as a company has mentioned clearly on the website that those who wish to earn good money using their business idea and also that this is no Get Rich Quick trick and that this is no QNET Scam.

Also, there are many other organizations too that works on the same business structure as QNET and have been running fraudulent operations for quite some time but QNET is certainly not one of them. In the end, one has to be careful while selecting a business opportunity and go in for a reliable and trusted firm such as QNET.

Coming to the point, QNET Scam is completely false rumor that has been spread by the IRS representatives who were not able to perform as per the business requirements and made foolish decisions that ruined them. They thought that by doing this, they will double their money and get rich very fast.

QNET is a highly reputed company that has been in business since 1998 which accounts for more than twelve years of experience in the industry. This fact itself speaks a lot about the company which is known to offer the best products and services for all these years. And also offer not just good but great business opportunities for those who can work smart and hard.
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The Reason Why People Think Of The Qnet Scam

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This article was published on 2010/10/23