The Power Of Intuitive Thinking

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Philosophers and academics have written a great deal about whether management is an art or a science, in their ongoing attempt to apply the logical versus intuitive thinking paradigm to leadership. Those who favour the scientific approach to management argue that leadership is just like any other task, and that management therefore benefits from the application of proven method. This is all very well and good in principle, and could even be true too, if everybody in the office played by the same rules and nothing ever changed. Of course, this is not the case, and so the power of logical thinking at the office is at best only half the truth.

Intuitive thinking represents the divine spark of genius that all of us are born with, but few realise to anything like its true potential. Why is this? The answer is actually very simple. As children, our parents and our teachers beat it out of us in their efforts to produce responsible, conforming adults. This is a sad thing and a great pity too. As leaders of their enterprises, business owners and business managers benefit hugely by breathing new life into their power of intuitive thinking, improving their ability to innovate and remain ahead of their competition.

When business leaders succeed in rekindling their creative sparks, and listening to their inner selves as well, they come up with business ideas as brilliant as Microsoft and Google, and transform the entire business environment in which they find themselves. After that, they should use scientific methods like business planning, budgeting and action plans to harness the efforts of their organizations towards giving their inspirations birth.

Many business leaders who attempt to do this for the first time find themselves snookered by their self-doubt and conventional logic. I wonder how many great ideas foundered on the rocks carved out by well meaning teachers and parents too. Reflecting on this, I find it interesting that two-person teams that complemented each other, and listened to each other too, founded both Microsoft and Google.

Business Coaches play an essential role in the release of their clients intuitive thinking. They encourage innovation and act as practical sounding boards. When ideas crystallise, they advise on practical techniques to give them wings. After that, unless invited they move on, leaving full rights to the innovative strategies behind with their clients. Can you afford not to tap the power of your intuitive thinking? An appointment with a Business Coach maps out undisturbed opportunities in which to explore your inner self and find ways to take your business to the next level. Learn more here about how using a Business Coach to unlock the power of your intuitive thinking could increase your business profit too.
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The Power Of Intuitive Thinking

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This article was published on 2010/10/17