The Free iPad Can Be Practical For Your Business

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Should you be using the free iPad for your business? Can the iPad give you a competitive edge in your business or IT department? Does it really help you organize and utilize data better? If you happen to be a business person on the move, here are a few reasons why you should give the iPad a serious look.


Is there any device that will help you avoid carrying around all your reading material while also doubling up as a whiteboard and a dashboard? Business users will find that the iPad will help them get rid of all those magazines and newspapers they might normally lug around. It's a fantastic business reading device since you can browse through your favourite newspapers with the right applications.

You can also dispense with carrying around stacks of reports or documents since the iPad is pretty good for reading PDF and DOC files when you use third-party applications. As a business professional you'll be very comfortable with applications like Ideate which permits you to portray ideas on a virtual whiteboard and store them as images. These can then be quickly and easily emailed to one and all. It's also extremely convenient to check out business dashboards on its big LCD screen.

One of the reasons why netbooks are preferred over laptops is the kind of battery life they have. While some netbook marketers advertise a battery life of 10 hours, even a more modest 7-8 hr battery life is a pretty compelling reason for people to choose a netbook over a laptop. When you are travelling on an international flight the last thing you want is your battery dying right in the middle of your work.

So do keep an eye on the iPad – it represents an evolution in computing and in the business arena it's always best to stay ahead.

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The Free iPad Can Be Practical For Your Business

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This article was published on 2010/09/19