The Art of Documenting

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When you are setting up your own business, it is important to seek for information relating to all subjects around new business. Maintaining all the gathered information and documenting it is also in high value.

Documentating all the stages you have setting up you business seems to be a huge problem for most people. Documentation doesn’t meen only saving the receipts and bills - it meens reallty documenting the different phases, moods, happenings and events that matter to the business.

It may take some time but it sure is rewarding in the future. And quite often it happens that when you are planning the future you have to take a glimpse to the past.

Documenting the new business in different forms is easy these days. Different softwares makes it very handy to document and save all the phases your business is facing.

You can find different kind of good CRM -softwares that helps you keep on track of every phone call you made, every e-mail you sent, every thought you had and so on. Best CRM’s really have even an idea management tool built within.

Documenting your finances is also very critical. In this field you can find fantastic financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) software like ProCountor and deal with all the documents online. It saves you time and as we all know - for entrepeneur - time is money. Documenting you finances with a proper software is a favor not only for you, but for all the stakeholders as well. When you are using a software like ProCountor you can fetch any receipt, any document, any made deal in seconds. When a stakeholder or a shareholder next time asks for information you don’t have to do it the long way.

Over all documenting can be done in fun, time saving and cost efficient way. Perfect combination of working CRM -software and a financial administration -software like ProCountor makes business documentation really easy.

As everyone knows who have children, having pictures of them from the day they were born till the day they are adults really matters. Consider your business a baby and start taking pictures – now.

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The Art of Documenting

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The Art of Documenting

This article was published on 2012/02/08