Talent Agency Start Up – How to Attract New Clients

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Every year many people relocate to big cities to fulfill their dream of getting fame in the glamour industry. These budding talents want the best opportunities and best breaks for them. However, they need some professional talent agents to represent them in the market. If you too wish to start a talent agency you need might need a small business loan or approach a venture capital firm to get funds for your business. Also read the instructions given below to know how to start up a business and attract new clients.

How to attract clients?

· Firstly find an office. If you want people to take your business sincerely, then you need an office not operate from home. If you have a formal set up, you can call clients for meeting, conduct auditions, make presentations, etc. At home you do not get this freedom.

· Choose a suitable name for your agency. The name should be easy to recall and should relate to your work. Also, make sure that you do not copy someone else’s name.

· Like any other small business, you will have to handle the legal aspects of starting a company, including obtaining a business license, opening a checking account and printing promotional materials such as business cards.

· You have a nice office and you might also start getting good enquiries. However, you must know each and every aspect of the industry. Thus, make sure you attend the networking events and get to know as many people as you possibly can. When you represent your clients to casting directors you would need these contacts and so these contacts need to be handy.

· Meet clients in your office. Employ someone who can assist you in office chores while you attend your meetings with directors. Audition each potential client by giving them a commercial to memorize then having them perform it on camera so you can see what they look like on the screen. Not everyone translates well onto the screen. Be confident about your clients’ talent before representing them.

· Also arrange for coaching and grooming sessions. Try to promote these services. This is necessary because if he/she is not trained perfectly you might waste a good chance who someone else deserved.

· Once you are confident of your clients groom them to be the best. Make them attend various workshops and seminars and help them get ready for the big break.

Go ahead and approach a venture capital firm to begin your own small start up. 

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Talent Agency Start Up – How to Attract New Clients

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Talent Agency Start Up – How to Attract New Clients

This article was published on 2011/11/23