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There are a plethora of reasons why you could be looking to rent a storage unit.  Storage facilities provide both long term and short term solutions for people looking to house their possession in a safe and dry location.  You will also find in you search for storage facilities that there are no shortage of them to choose from.  There are many things to consider before you fill out any paperwork and your storage unit rental becomes official.  Let’s take a look at some of the main things you want to be sure to take into account during the process of picking a storage unit.

First, you need to decide exactly what you need to put in storage.  There are different kinds of storage facilities that specialize in storing certain kinds of items.  By doing this you will also have a rough idea on the size storage you need.  A storage unit is priced usually on a per month basis based on size.  So in doing this you can also get a good idea for the price you will be paying per month. 

Now it is time for you to research the different storage facilities you have available to you.  When considering the different places in your local area you must consider the location of the facility.  Typically you want your storage unit to be a place you can go to in a moments notice if you ever need to.  If the storage unit is not even close to where you live it can be a big hassle. 

In addition to location you want to find the storage facilities that combine location with reasonable prices.  The longer you plan on having items stored the more you want to focus on this aspect.  If you are planning on storing items in the extreme short term then maybe price isn’t that big of a deal to you.  In either case please know that all self storage facilities are not priced the same so be aware of their prices before you walk into the place to rent a storage unit.

Security is another factor you want to carefully consider.  Can anyone just access the facility?  Most these days will require some kind of security card entry in hours where the storage facilities have no one on duty.  In the off hours they will probably have some kind of password or card you need to access the facility as a whole.  Your storage unit will be locked with your lock so unless you give someone your combination you should be good on that front as well.  Do not assume anything with security, ask as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable.

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Storage unit + storage facilities

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Storage unit + storage facilities

This article was published on 2012/03/27