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Hands up if you get sucked into an unscheduled Face Book, Twitter or Linked In frenzy more than once a week?

Here are the symptoms: you intend to go into one of these platforms and update your status. You then read a quick few updates from friends, colleagues, contacts; you comment on a few of the smart ones, watch an inspiring video (that 3 minutes later wasnt actually that life-changing), check back to see whos commented on your comment, like their acknowledgement of your point of view (only polite), re-post an article, check over to your next platform, repeat as before and oh b****cks, did 60 minutes really go by?

I havent done my morning meditation, updated my blog, written my teleclass (which is tonight!), sent that email or schedule my next 15 ezines because I just got myself into a SMOS (a Social Media Obliterated Schedule).

In my experience every good business activity is improved by having some healthy boundaries in place. These are mine for FB, Twitter, Linked In and any other professional SM platform youre into:

* no more than 15 minutes for ALL platforms per session. And no more than twice per day if you must!
* un-click from having emails sent to you to inform you whos commented on a comment (really! its just too tempting and it cant be more important than your marketing, your mastery or the delivery of your product or service to your clients. Why look at chocolate cake when youre slimming?!)
* make a list of what business social media includes for you (promoting products, teleclasses, corporate events, industry conferences, job openings, networking) and do ONLY that sort of SM in your 9-5 time. The truly social stuff (chatting, sharing videos, photos of your bbq) stick to early mornings and evenings.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit, said Aristotle. So, my daily re-claimed SMOS hours will be used for further excellence in coaching, writing, meditation, marketing and personal.

In this instance - Less is More!
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Social Media Obliterated Schedule

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This article was published on 2011/03/26