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What do you call a small business owner who is doing it all and trying to do it all at once? The answer is...overwhelmed! This is a situation that many of us are familiar with. Somehow, no matter how conscious we think we are of what we're doing, many of us set up shop and suddenly we realize that we've been thrust into the realms of marketing, accounting, sales, customer service, window dressing and website design...Yikes! We've all had that thought at one time or another, "What on earth have I gotten myself into?!".

Let's take a closer look and consider how realistic it is to expect ourselves to suddenly manifest skills that for most intents and purposes we had little to no knowledge of before. And therein lies the trap. We stumble head first into the situation realizing only afterward that we've taken on roles and duties that we can't possibly fulfill to the extents and the standards needed.

Even with new business owners who have done their homework, the very nature of a start up business is to evolve. Thus, in addition to the day to day necessities of running a business, it's common for us to find ourselves facing an ever mounting pile of resources, information, leads and tasks. In these times of search engine optimization, the never ending list of social networking sites, web and video logging and all the other tips and tricks needed to create an internet presence; it's easy to slip into a state helplessness, paralysis and fright. It can truly feel like we're going mad! Each of these facilities has its own unique platform and as we try to find your way around just one, our minds wander, thinking at the same time of new marketing strategies, changes to the website that need to be made, new pitches, products and bills. Many of the over 45's for example, who didn't learn on computers as today's children do are especially vulnerable to the information overload that occurs.

So, what's the solution? Well for one, being able to take stock and truly assess our situation is key. Being able to admit to ourselves what we can reasonably be expected to accomplish requires us to be neutral and clear so that we really see each of the trees in our forests. In the early stages of a business, ordinary routines such as meals and sleep can fall right the way down to the bottom of our lists. It's part of what creates that great buzz and adrenalin that keeps us high, riding on that first exciting wave of having our special creation make its way into reality. It makes those first months both exciting and scary at the same time.

If you are at that stage in your new business and you jump ahead to one year, or 18 months when the first flush of excitement has worn off, can you maintain the same pace and workload while at the same time being able to enjoy all the other areas of your life, like relationship, family, fun, exercise, travel, relaxation and dream time that may have been put on hold?

This is when many of us realize that we can't and the creative minxes amongst us start roaming, searching, almost hunting the specialists that suddenly we realize, can do in just one day what we spend an excruciating number of weeks in a graceless state trying to do. As many of us have seen in the successful entrepreneurs we admire, it helps to build up an informal circle of allies with skills that can complement and add to each member in the group. Networking and developing our professional relationships with accountants, lawyers, graphic designers, people who specialize in internet marketing and have the same target market as ourselves for example, can only work FOR us. Indeed, it has the potential to increase our productivity and effectiveness many times over.

Think of how reassuring it would be to be able to bounce our fledgling thoughts, feelings and ideas off of these people and be able to get professional, specialized and informed feedback. There is no rule that says we need to be martyrs, constantly snowed under having do it all on our own. Rather, as part of our constant striving to become self aware, we can give ourselves permission to write own guidebook of rules to live by to help us create more freedom of expression, success, and joy...and this is true in life and by extension the creation that is our small business.

If for example you've just turned your love of horses into a new business that is internet based, you haven't already established such a circle and don't know where to start, a relatively painless avenue to consider is the idea of searching the internet for small business forums that you can join. You will find real people from every area of business armed with a mind boggling array of backgrounds, specialties and skills. A forum is a relaxed environment where you can get to know more about what's out there, about other small business owners, their strategies, successes, failures and generally what they do. You may find your imagination muscles get stretched to the point that one day you realize you know just the person/s who can help simplify your life greatly and move your business ahead faster and with more ease than you could.

Of course, as with ordinary life, the same goes over the internet. Be both cautious and savvy and use good sense. The possibilities are truly endless...and we haven't yet begun to talk about the invaluable source of referrals and potential customers that your "circle" can provide.

If your vision for your small business is to consciously expand, create success, enjoyment and flow, allow yourself to seek out like minded people, find resourceful solutions and don't be afraid to delegate and get out there and talk about what you do. Most of all open up to the idea of accepting the support that is available. Many times when we connect with others and get them on board with our creations they feel good at being able to help us find success. This need not cost a fortune...get creative, trade services and brain storm ideas as to how you can have mutually beneficial alliances that are equitable, fair and that perhaps even have an element of adventure and fun!

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This article was published on 2010/04/02