Setting Goals to Manifest Intentions

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Setting clear, measurable goals is important for both our personal and professional development. But before jumping into goal-setting, we should first take a closer look at our intentions. Intentions are the fuel that drives us, both consciously and unconsciously, to achieve our goals.

Goals are specific and measurable. They have a timeframe or deadline and are the concrete results of our intentions. Our intentions are bigger and broader than our goals. They are our authentic desires, the thoughts about who we want to be. They are at the root of our motivations to set goals in the first place. Our goals take our intentions and focus them on tangible outcomes. 

Setting goals gives us an opportunity to question our deeper intentions. We must make direct contact with our inner intentions, the unconscious intentions which may contradict our conscious intentions. Our conscious intentions are pretty straightforward. They’re what we intend to do and why. Unconscious intentions are far more difficult to tap into without getting completely honest with ourselves, understanding our shortcomings, celebrating our attributes and achievements, and focusing on what the future holds when we manifest our true intentions and desires.

Basing our future fulfillment on conscious intentions may realize short-term goals, but rarely lead to the results we say we desire. Our conscious mind has a tricky way of defining happiness based on tangible goals, such as losing weight or getting a job promotion. But our true intentions go far deeper. Losing weight is the result of our intention to be more fit and/or feel more attractive, and getting that promotion is the result of our intention to be better at our job than everyone else.

So setting clear, personally important intentions naturally cause us to act and respond in harmony with our goals. Intentions provide a framework for us to set meaningful priorities, set aside time wisely, and align ourselves with all of the resources—both tangible and intangible—that we need to manifest our goals.

Although there obviously isn’t a magic key to unlock happiness, we can set a path for ourselves that leads to contentment by aligning what we say we want (our conscious intentions) with what we authentically want (our unconscious) intentions. This alignment can be the difference between working towards achieving goals expected by someone else versus our inner intentions that will make us happier in all areas of our lives.

The great thing is that it’s all up to us. We’re in as much control of our intentions as our goals. Sometimes just getting started with understanding how our true intentions can fulfill our goals is all that it takes to lead us toward personal and professional contentment.

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Setting Goals to Manifest Intentions

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Setting Goals to Manifest Intentions

This article was published on 2012/03/11