Scaffold Safety Assembly and Break-Down

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Scaffolding is a very useful tool, and one that when used correctly, can enable access and construction procedures to be performed much more efficiently and safely. Although, using them incorrectly, as many try to do each year, can result in serious property damage, personal injuries and even death. However, scaffolding is not hard to setup or to take down, and by following the basic rules for building, working on, and dismantling scaffolding, many more quality jobs can be performed in less time than just about any other alternative.

How to Setup Scaffolding Safely and Efficiently

Some of the more common things to look out for when setting up the scaffolding are power lines, overhead obstructions, shifting levels of terrain, and any problems with securing the scaffolding to the structure being worked on. Never attempt to assemble scaffolding on your own, always have one person on the ground handing pieces up to another actually putting them together. Ensure all of the parts are in proper operating condition with a visual inspection of each piece before it is added, and always use jack screws on the bases for leveling.

Safety is mandatory with frame scaffolding construction, and using ladders to get on and off is much safer than having workers and gear potentially weighting the structure to one side, creating a tipping hazard, as well as just falling or dropping items on others. Thoroughly inspect all of the planks as they are going up, replacing any with visible signs of stress, extreme bending or tripping hazards, and never, under any circumstances, attempt to extend the height above an unfinished platform level.

How to Dismantle Scaffolding Safely

Dismantling scaffolding can sometimes be more challenging than erecting it, and from the falling risks to frames and braces falling, there are some very real dangers to keep in mind. One of the biggest dangers when taking the structure down is the jerking and tugging that stuck safety pins and rusty frames can require to separate. While this cannot be avoided, the risks can be minimized by ensuring the structure is secured properly at all times, until the last platform section is ready to come down.

Some other common risks when dismantling a Scaffold  structure include items left on the platforms, workers throwing or dropping gear and materials, instead of carrying them down, and individuals being under the scaffolding when it is being taking apart. These are some of the most common causes of accidents with the use of scaffolding, and all can be avoided with some simple safety procedures and education on the correct procedures for erecting, dismantling, and working on and around commercial scaffolding applications.

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Scaffold Safety Assembly and Break-Down

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This article was published on 2011/04/20