Religion In The Workplace

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You may be approached by those seeking assistance or guidance with business and workplace issues that can involve religion and/or politics in the workplace. Inattention to such requests can lead to greater complications and even legal hassles that can be very disruptive and extraordinarily costly.  In this connection, brief but clear informational sources are essential to avoid serious pitfalls that other companies have unfortunately fallen into.

Religion in the workplace is a serious and growing work environment issue that seems to cry out for workable, practical and effective solutions.  Currently, the most aggressive forms of workplace conflict and intimidation surround Islam.  Ignorance about religion on the floor has adversely impacted corporations such as Disney, Dell computers, the meat packing community, other industries and organizations with serious losses in productivity, workplace stress, morale problems, safety problems, and increased employee turnover which has adversely hurt the bottom line of some companies, and a few others have had to go out of business.  Disney has lost business, suffered adverse publicity, and has had to bow to unreasonable and costly demands.  Dell computers lost a lawsuit and the result is millions of dollars in reduced productivity and other ongoing problems.  Meat packers and food chains such as TARGET have faced strikes, adverse work actions, and lost customers.  The nexus of these problems stems from the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ guideline instructing corporate America how to be subservient.

Basically:  Uncontrolled or unacceptable religious activities such as proselytizing, can disrupt the work place, have a negative impact on morale, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line.

I offer a guideline that responds to the CAIR set of instructions (CAIR has been identified as a criminal gangster enterprise by the FBI).  The CAIR guide advises employers and their managers how to submit to demands for religious accommodation not afforded to other religions.

I provide information and guidance that will lead you to overcome those restrictions and free up your business to attend to its business. 

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James E. Horn is a retired American Diplomat who has worked in Human Resources Management (HRM) and various other leadership and management positions in the Middle East.

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Religion In The Workplace

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This article was published on 2013/02/18