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Email Marketing Software

Businesses everywhere, and in particular small businesses, all need efficient, reliable, and results generating email marketing solutions. There are a wide variety of respected email marketing software providers in the market today. The highest ranking three majors in this provider segment generally turn out to be GetResponse, iContact, and Constant Contact. Among the many helpful email marketing solutions that their software provides are the following services:

- The use of Twitter and Facebook links and support allow for simpler inclusion of the main social media platforms in the businesses email campaign - These software providers offer affordable pricing solutions for the smaller businesses, with discount pricing for not-for-profits. It is generally free to get started. - No charge support and personal guidance over the chat feature, email, phone, and even in person - Simple to use interface that does not require any technical abilities or knowledge - Secure storage of email lists - High rates of deliverable email results and inclusion of Anti-spam checkers - Hundreds of email templates offered - Ability to track and look at results to determine which receivers have opened email and what links were clicked

Hosted PBX services

Hosted PBX services maintain a businesses website hosting. Good and convenient hosted PBX services for smaller business are available these days that do not require the business man or woman to have any PBX hardware which he or she has to manage. They also do not have any individual points of failure. Such PBX hosting services are maintained with the other larger business customers, all on one platform, using entirely redundant servers, databases, Internet connections, and routers. There is not a problem of a single box apparatus which can go down and take the small business' website down with it. A reliable hosted PBX service provider will offer the following features:

- Reliability - The business person will never receive a call claiming that another business on the shared server created a problem which has interfered with that business person's hosting service. - Redundancy - The user's hosting service is not vulnerable to a single failure point, since each hosted PBX account is managed over a group of routers, servers, and network parts. - Scalability - There is not any difference between a business choosing to add five hundred new users, or for 500 customers to add a single user. Users may be added whenever and however the business wishes.

Online Fax Services

Online fax services are the latest revolution in the ability for a small business to send and receive faxes. With these small business solutions, the individual or small business gains the ability to send and receive faxes from any e-mail account, Internet connection, or smart phone, from literally anywhere in the world. No fax machine is required any longer. Generally up to 100 pages sent and up to 200 pages received per month are permitted for a low monthly fee of about $10. There are no longer any busy signals, out of paper errors, or other technical glitches involved in the faxing process. Mobile fax service allows the user to send or receive faxes while he or she is on the road, on an airplane, or out of the office. Checking them and picking them up is as easy as getting email.The author is a writer and specialist of small business software and solutions on topics such as small business solutions. Please visit for more information on business solutions.

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Read And Learn About The Premier Small Organization Options

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This article was published on 2010/07/14