Radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma - Advantages and Disadvantages

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The Ancient civilizations were a safe place to live in. There were no industries during that period. People lived in natural environments and had fresh air to breathe in and breathe out. The food that they ate was by hunting and from the farms that they cultivated in their land. They kept their land very fertile and trees around them. They had plenty of food and water to eat and drink. They lived in very peaceful environment. As development took place, they cut down all the trees around them. Then people discovered more to make a better place to stay and found comfort in their living. Through agriculture and industrial revolutions the small scale and large scale industries came up. Man invented a lot of things and developed infrastructure and facilities.

Man turned more scientific and discovered the nuclear activity and radiations as the world wars approached. He used a lot of these during the World Wars. Today, all those inventions have turned negatives in numerous ways and are affecting the human life and health. When I sit in front of my television or internet powered by Dish TV Offers. I get to watch a lot of this new featuring on this topic. The Radiation impact has become so very serious, that today we find a lot of Scientists researching on this topic to protect life on earth. They say if this state continues then it could turn out to be devastating.

So having spoken so much, let us look at what we understand by the term 'Radiation'. Radiation helps in transmitting energy in many forms. This could be in form of light or in tiny particles which are very small in size and is some very difficult to view even through the naked eye. The visible light is the Ultra violet light that we received from the sun and sun beds. It can also in the form of transmission for the television and Radio communications that we find in our day to day life. If we dig deep into the subject, we will find more number of terms and definitions and the subject is so vast that leads to more inventions. However, most of us know that there are three principles of the radiations. They are the Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays or particles. This we might remember studying during our school days as well.

So let me recollect some of them in one or two points that we eventually studied in school. The Alpha particles consists of two proton and two neutrons and are considered as naturally-occurring heavy elements such as Uranium and Radium. These can also be man-made transuranic elements. These radiations are so powerful that they can easily penetrate through the skin and are considered dangerous if emitted inside the human body. The Beta particles are fast moving electrons and are more penetrating than the alpha particles. These particles can be stopped from penetration by use of wood or aluminum. They have the capacity of passing through the human flesh however, less harmful compared to the gamma. The Beta radio-active particles can be stored in sealed containers. The third type is the Gamma radiations which are high energy beams which are similar to the X-rays. These are emitted in many radioactive decays and are so penetrating, when sealed requires substantial amount of shielding. These are used in industrial gauges and radiotherapy machines. The other kinds of radiations are cosmic radiations and Neutrons.

Today, radiation can be described as a double edge-sword. Radiations are useful in many aspects. Radiation itself is a useful tool for research; medical diagnosis and therapy; materials processing; non-destructive testing; sterilization of instruments, pharmaceuticals, food, and mail; and inhibition of sprouting. However, Radiations are harmful in many aspects and as discussed earlier can be very harmful. It increases the frequency and severity in health hazards and can be extremely dangerous.

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Radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma - Advantages and Disadvantages

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