Qnet Fraud - Not Qnets Fault

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Well many people are spreading a bad word for Qnet, as- "Qnet fraud".  I am not going to clarify whether Qnet is a fraud or not, but share a few facts as to what Qnet does, and how people have made their life's worth living because, they were a part of the MLM firm called Qnet.

Qnet is an e-commerce based conglomerate businesses that is  diversified into different sectors like the retail, travel and leisure, telecommunications, watches and luxury products, wellness, training and education, technology and corporate investments.

Qnet is spread over different countries and has a vide range of product, with high on Quality. Qnet conducts special sessions just to help the IRS get well trained and understand the business better so that they perform better. But many IRS think that they can earn money from Qnet business format easily without giving any serious efforts. This is where they go wrong; it is not an easy money business. One has to work hard to get rich. It is a platform that will help you get trained to be independent and also earn sufficient, if one performs consistently good. Unfortunately people don't understand this and call it as Qnet Fraud, which is not true.

QNET uses the balanced binary compensation plan. IR in this case will have to refer a minimum of two individuals to the company who intern purchase products of their choice from QNET. The IR can then start earning commissions. The best part about this is that QNET does not charge on monthly basis and the members purchase products only once if one has been online.

The fact is that Qnet is a firm with remarkable products and a lucrative business model. It is not a scam or fraud. I use their products and love them. If you are thinking about starting a QNET business, you must know that success depends on individuals. It is important for everyone to keep in mind that it is not a get rich quick scheme and your approach to the same should not be casual. It's you who has to decide whether the rumor of Qnet, as Qnet fraud is true or false. Though remember that the business model is money-making, but endurance is what pays off in this case.

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Qnet Fraud - Not Qnets Fault

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This article was published on 2010/09/27