Position your Company as the Best: A 6-Step Guide in Crafting your USP

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Differentiate or die.

Ever heard of that old saying? You’ve probably heard it a lot especially if you are in the business industry. With all the competition in the market these days, you have to give people a good reason to buy from you if you don’t want them to go to your competitors.

Good customer service and cheap prices won’t do the trick. There may be far better companies out there that provide better customer service and cheaper prices. You can try to showcase your wide experience but chances are your competitors have plenty of it as well. So, how do you differentiate your business from the rest?

Unique selling proposition (USP). Are you familiar with it? It’s actually not a new concept. It basically refers to giving customers something they will only experience if they buy from you. It’s a summary of what makes your business more unique and valuable than others. If you want to stand out and be memorable to your target audience, you have to effectively pinpoint your unique selling proposition and splash it on all your marketing pieces including your website, business cards, brochures, and even your marketing notepads.   

The big question now is how you craft your own unique selling proposition. Start by following these simple pointers.   

Step 1. Define who your target audience is

Before you start defining your USP, you need to first know who you are targeting. Be as specific as possible in describing your target audience. Figure out what their needs, wants, demographic (age, gender, location, etc.) and psychographic (values, lifestyle, attributes, etc.).

Step 2. Figure out the problems you can solve

What are the problems of your target customers that you have solutions for? Tell it to them so they will be encouraged to consider your business.

Step 3. Use your distinctive benefits  

Customers these days don’t care about if you offer the best quality or price in the market. What they look for today is the benefits they can get from the product or service they avail. It will help to explain to them what your business does and what they can get from your offers. Write down your three biggest benefits to make the process easy.

Step 4. Aim for uniqueness

It’s not called a unique selling proposition for nothing. You have to be unique as possible to effectively set your business apart from your competitors. Craft your USP in such a way that it will create desire and urgency for your target audience.

Step 5. Make it clear and concise

One powerful sentence is enough to move people into action. Make sure your USP is short, clear, and high impact. Make every word powerful in such a way that you cannot dare move or change each and word you have written.

Step 6. Incorporate your USP on all marketing materials

This includes your headlines, elevator pitch, website, letterhead, letters, business cards, flyers, and notepads. These materials are important part of the day to day marketing activities of your company. Thankfully, the printed materials can now be created on a budget. A lot of printing companies now provide discounts on varied materials. For instance, you can save 5% off on notepads from printplace and other printing shops. The little amount you save will greatly help cut down the overall cost of the materials.

Summing up

Being different sure does create a huge effect on the success of the business. Craft your own powerful USP now and use it to gain maximum results.

Get started now and print your marketing notepads so you don’t lose on new customers and repeat sales and other printing offers.

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Position your Company as the Best: A 6-Step Guide in Crafting your USP

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Position your Company as the Best: A 6-Step Guide in Crafting your USP

This article was published on 2013/09/13