Not Getting Enough Sales? Here are Top 9 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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After all the trainings, researches, expert advices, and value propositions, a lot of businesses still complain of not getting enough revenue. They claim of doing everything at their capacity but to no avail.  

One of the unspoken but frequent to happen aspects of entrepreneurship is failure. A lot of small businesses fail without the owner knowing what really happened. In most cases, the reason for their failure is starting right at their face. They simply don’t bother to look around to find it.

Sometimes, the customers have better understanding of the company’s failure than the owner itself. They try to blame the bank or their marketing team or adviser, but they never put the blame on themselves. They argue that it was their unexciting custom flyers or boring businesses cards that are at fault when in fact it was they who approved of the materials’ design.

If you are among the businesses that still aren’t getting sales or appointments until today, here are good reasons why your business is failing. Read carefully to pinpoint the mistakes you have been committing, either implicitly or explicitly.

9.  The figures don’t work. Perhaps there’s not enough demand for the product but you are still offering it at a price that won’t give the company profit.

8.  Wrong business attitude. Greediness, complacency, and insecurity are dire business attitudes. There are business owners who try to be wants to get everything at the expense of other people. Business is a two-way street. It requires mutual relationship from both the customer and owner. These attitudes should be correct if business success is desired.

7.  There are business owners who don’t understand that respect and trust are imperative in creating business relationships. Loyal customers look for these two attributes in businesses, so businesses aiming for a solid market base should cultivate these two qualities.

6.  Selling with words not facts. Customers are wiser these days. You can no longer just convince them with sweet words. You have to show them facts. Its information they need, so give them what they want not what you want.  

5.  Selling aggressively is not advertising. If you become too aggressive, customers will shot you out all together. Just be subtle and you’ll get there eventually.

4.  Not having a competitive advantage or if you do it’s not enough to put you on top of people’s mind. It simply makes you look irrelevant and insignificant.

3.  Targeting everybody. Mass marketing may have worked before when businesses are few and competition is not that tough. But in today’s increasingly saturated market, targeting specific niches is more profitable.

2.  Marketing materials are poorly done. Who would trust a business whose poster or flyer templates don’t give justice to the brand image of the business? Poorly designed marketing materials will only end up in the trash bin. They will only pull the business down instead of pushing it up.   

1.  Marketing program is dysfunctional. When there’s no concrete plan of action, everything goes to waste. Nothing will be achieved and only expenses will be earned by the company.  

The business industry is rarely forgiving. When mistakes are done, it makes sure the owner suffers the consequences. This results in lost customers and eventually profits. It’s sad, but that’s the reality—businesses fail.

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Not Getting Enough Sales? Here are Top 9 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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Not Getting Enough Sales? Here are Top 9 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

This article was published on 2013/09/13