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At one of the large Real Estate company conventions I attended in Las Vegas this week, I came to the conclusion that this company has adopted social marketing/social media as the primary method of how they expect their organization to do business. If this was not the exact philosophy that they have adopted, they sure gave most of the attendees that impression and that is fine, it is their company.

To start the convention, they did something very interesting on the stage in front of their approximately 2,000 attendees. They actually had a debate take place between the fellows that is their social media guru. It was very interesting to say the least. I was defending the position of running real estate like a business, meaning that we do the things that The Mike Ferry Organization teaches to develop and build a predictable, duplicate, profitable Real Estate sales business. It was an interesting and fun little debate, which we are sure both of the parties felt that they won, although we will say the response in the audience was leaning heavily in the favor of Mike Ferrys teachings.

Heres what is interesting after listening to everything they talked about regarding social media/social marketing:

The real estate company we are referring here has approximately 90,000 agents. Through email campaigns, twittering, blogging, and any other social media devices they could use, they were able to sell 2,000 tickets to their convention.

The Mike Ferry Organization has 90,000 customers in our database. Through thousands of phone calls and office presentations, we sell 5,000 tickets each year to the Superstar Retreat. From a sales perspective, you can tell which makes more sense 5,000 or 2,000?

The other speakers made it very clear and were very loud and adamant about the fact that we have completely missed the boat that we are completely old fashioned, and completely out of touch with reality when it comes to building a business because we are not endorsing things like Facebook, which was one of their other methods of achieving their attendance.

Remember, there are no magic answers, and we are in the communication and people business. Communication revolves around conversation, and conversation revolves around talking to people not responding to the fact that they are going to the gym to workout for a couple of hours, though Facebook.
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Mike Ferry On Social Networking

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This article was published on 2011/04/15