Mentors and Your Inner Circle

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My own personal favorite for reshaping the philosophy is the inner circle and your mentors. There is a large overlap to me in the two. I have my wife and children and a handful of very close friends in this circle.

These are the individuals who I love and respect most in the world. Their council is extremely important to me. It's where I seek protection to regroup temporarily after a particularly tough day or where I seek council on a new business strategy.

In short, it's where we all might go for security and guidance.

Searching out a mentor is both fun and challenging. The great thing is with access to the internet, books and CD's you don't even need to actually ever meet the individual.

You can simply shop at the online store and within five minutes you have a new personal mentor at your fingertips. You should select mentors based on the specific qualities, abilities or results that you would like to achieve.

I have a number of mentors each for a different area of my life for when I feel I need a helping hand. Some I know personally and some are in the pages of books but I find them no less helpful than the living breathing version.

For business you might select Ricardo Semler, head of the Semco in Brazil. For your finances you might select Warren Buffet. For health and fitness you might want to try Stu Mittleman, the ultra marathon runner.

You might think I'm aiming high here with my role models and mentors but why not? Why not put your best foot forward when it comes to filling your mind with positive inspiration and dreams? I also have a series of great relationships with highly respected local business people from varying industries.

It is truly amazing what gems it is possible to learn in a thirty minute breakfast meeting with one of these individuals that can exceed reading ten business volumes on the topic.

They have afforded me insight into the fundamental mechanics of their business models. I have tried out many suggestions that have been raised at one of our monthly coffees or lunch meetings. I have received fantastic advice on things from public speaking to disciplining staff, from tips on how to collect debts quickly to staff parties.

Some have worked great and others not so well but I never would have even had the option if I hadn't have taken the time and the trouble to seek these special individuals out in the first place.

There's no big secret to how I managed to get them agree to it. I simply asked. Some it took a few attempts and small dose of persistence.

I tried more mentors than I have but you have to respect that some individuals aren't interested in passing out advice and move onto the next. However it won't be long before you have a couple of great new friends to shoot the business breeze with.

It's important in times such as these to have really positive associations in what the late Napoleon Hill calls your mastermind group.

Be extremely careful of your associations particularly in these times. Only settle for surrounding yourself with the very best of people and mentors.

Do not tolerate negative talk from negative people. Make sure that you have surrounded yourself with winners and not wimps. Please keep in mind that the mentors and positive associations that you get yourself consistently around are also human too. They too will have their foibles and idiosyncrasies but this shouldn't undermine their suitability as a mentor in any given area to you.

For example, a chosen mentor for your finances might be scruffy in appearance. Just remember for what area you selected them and don't let it be spoiled by faults in other areas.

No one is perfect but we can still learn some fantastic things from these people. So take a chance now, pick up the phone to some local business figure you've always respected and invite them out for lunch and see if you can take the first step to having your own mentor

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Mentors and Your Inner Circle

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This article was published on 2010/04/01