How is Organic Farming much better than the modern techniques?

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Farming is one of the most common sources for income way back in the 18th and 19th centuries. If we go the country sides we would also find a lot of people practice agriculture even today. These people have plenty of land under cultivation. To add to this point they have several methods used varying from the crops that they cultivate. The modern day practices are much easier compared to the olden days. This could be based on the researches that are been undertaken by several people. There are a lot of people who experiment new practices in their own fields. Apart from these if we go the colleges, the teachers and students research on plants and its species. They have found numerous techniques and are discovering new things even today. This makes the subjects really vast. The modern day researchers have found a lot many things about agriculture. Through the study about different crops in detail, to its surprises some of these studies are discovering different relatives of various crops. For example we know that most of the crops that grow underground like carrot, beetroot, and potatoes all belong to the same family. Likewise, researchers have found for different crops as well.

Hence, these studies have found chemicals, fertilizers and manure for different crops. There are farmers associations found in most of the localities all over the world. They do a detailed study of different crops that grow in their region. This helps them to identify the different kinds of diseases that a particular crop gets during a specified season. Hence, these associations recommend the farmers the specified fertilizers and manures to be used to avoid such plant diseases. This becomes really hassle free for the agriculturists to maintain their crops healthy, away from these diseases. These are some of the ways that the modern day farming practices.

Now coming to the concept of Organic Farming is entirely different. This kind of farming is quite tougher than the normal process and hence is practiced in very few places. We might wonder why these farming techniques are not followed everywhere. The reasons are very simple. Organic farming does not encourage the use of chemicals and fertilizers used in the process of farming. The process has limited the usage of these items, and recommends more of manure. The process is more natural and time consuming. The farmers require more patience and attention towards not only the plant, however, includes the soil as well. So if we are here to think that the organic farming is still under practice to maintain the soil fertile. Then, the answer is 'Yes' to the question. Even though it a slow and gradual process. It has proved to be a better concept over the long run.

Just like Verizon FiOS Deals, where the customers select different kinds of bundles, double play and triple play. In the process of organic farming the customer has a real choice to select different crops to be cultivated on the same land over different seasons. This concept of rotational crops has made the farmers more knowledgeable. The farmers know which crops to be grown during different seasons. The crops grown through organic farms fetch more prices than the same crops through normal processes. This is because these do not have the chemical content. They have the natural taste and appearance. Since the crops that are grown through the organic farming are very limited, the demand for these crops is also very high. So to conclude, organic farming is more intensive than the modern farming. People who follow organic farming are being rewarded as it is quite difficult to follow.

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How is Organic Farming much better than the modern techniques?

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How is Organic Farming much better than the modern techniques?

This article was published on 2012/02/14