How A Remarkable Business Card Should Be Done

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They are small. They are simple. They are cost effective. They are the business cards. For decades business owners have trusted on the business cards to represent them to their potential customers. Every professional has it, every serious entrepreneur uses it, and even students now use it. There's no denying, these modest cards are among the most indispensable marketing materials today.

But for your business cards to be remarkably effective there are several things you need to keep in mind. These include:

  • Creating a clean and simple logo. Consider the logo of successful companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Sprint. They didn't accidentally choose their logo. They intentionally chose their logo because they are simple, clean, and easy to remember. A good logo in your business card will help a lot in creating good brand recognition. Done well, your logo will serve as your brand foundation, so create it wisely.
  • Use one color to distinguish you from others. To effectively create retention, you need to pick one color to use in your business card or your logo. Use this in all your marketing materials for consistency and easy recognition. Take a look at Nike. It simply focuses on black alone, whereas as Coca-Cola in red. The choice of color plays an important role in recall, so as much as possible choose one color that will effectively represent the image you want people to see of you.
  • Choose simple fonts. In your business card printing, one or two fonts will do. You don't have to be elaborate and overly artistic in the font choice. After all, your goal is to inform customers of your business information and encourage them to contact you. How would you expect them to call you when they can't even read your phone number? So, keep it simple so people will easily remember your contact information.
  • Give added value. The added value we refer here are the promotional offers you can give to your customers. For instance, you can include a discount coupon at the back of your card which people can use upon purchase at your store. You can also put there redeemable free items that they can claim when they visit your shop. You can even print a calendar or inspirational message at the back of your card to encourage customers to keep it.
  • Be unique. Today, everything is virtually possible. Modern printing technologies have made it possible to create extra ordinary business cards. Business owners are no longer confined to creating business cards in a small piece of rectangular paper or cardboard. Business cards can now be printed in any material you can think of. From plastic to wood, car replicas to magnets, anything is possible as long as it can be printed with information. With just a little creativity and right printing technology, a unique business card is yours.

Building an effective business card isn't really rocket science. The key is to keep it simple, attractive, and compelling. Pack it up with as much information as you want, use good graphics, and create an effective logo. Describe your business in a line or two and don't forget to add promos at the back to make it exceptionally compelling. In any case, your business card must be unique, unforgettable, and convincing enough that people wants to keep it.

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How A Remarkable Business Card Should Be Done

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This article was published on 2010/10/02