Honor Administrative Professionals' Day With Custom Lapel Pins

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Most office people will get cards, candy or flowers today but have you ever thought about giving them something longer lasting?  What about custom lapel pins featuring your company name and logo?  You can place the pin on a piece of custom cardstock as a way of thanking the administrative professionals for their wonderful service.

When Did Administrative Professionals' Day Originate?

Administrative Professionals' Day is also known as Secretary's Day.  It's a non-secular holiday that was created in 1952 by Harry F. Klemfuss, a New York publicist.  He wanted to encourage more people to consider careers in the secretarial/administrative support field.  That's why he decided to work with the National Secretaries Association which later became known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Custom Lapel Pins Are Personal in Nature

Since it's humble beginnings, the holiday has become widely recognized.  Businesses of all sizes find new and inventive ways to recognize their staff and the jobs that they do day in and day out.  One gift item in particular, custom lapel pins, really stand out.  That's because they're personal in nature.

Unlike flowers and plants, they do not wilt.  Custom lapel pins are long lasting which makes them more gratifying.  administrative professionals can wear their pins with pride each and every day as a way to show their appreciation for their employers.

Simulated Gemstones Add a Special Quality to Diestruck Pins

Different colored simulated gemstones can signify years of service.  For example, those administrative professionals that are with the company for long periods of time can receive the highest honor.  This allows other employees to recognize each individual's commitment to service.

These add-ons look especially nice with diestruck lapel pins.  This classic style of pin is often given to others for award purposes.  That's because they can be created with an antique finish.  This helps the pins maintain their classy appearance for years to come.  People really like the look and appeal of diestruck pins.

If you want a special way to celebrate the men and women that help keep your office together, you may want to consider creating custom lapel pins to give to them.  Whether you opt to have them attached to custom cardstock or decide to let them stand alone, one thing remains true.  You won't find a better or more long lasting gift items for your secretaries and administrative professionals than custom lapel pins.

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Honor Administrative Professionals' Day With Custom Lapel Pins

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This article was published on 2011/04/28