Harnessing the Power of Custom Dashboards

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A custom dashboard gives its users the power to share and deliver data from both physical and virtual environments. Dashboard data can quickly turn into actionable decisions on a small or grand scale. The IT management of any company is faced with the task of turning your business software into actionable decisions. Those decisions, in turn, are there to support the company's long-term business strategies.

Although a custom dashboard’s capabilities can be dependent upon the type of data behind it, there are some elements that business owners can expect to benefit from as a result:

  • They transform raw data into easy to view and understand graphical formats. Customized charts, graphs, and maps can help users understand cryptic raw data.
  • They help companies to visualize, track, and monitor trends on all levels of the business.
  • They help to align company activities with key goals.
  • They supply a method for performance monitoring.

A well designed custom dashboard system will also give any business the power to display imperative information such as manufacturing or factory processes, logistical routing, shipping management, and other elements that can provide insight where old processes may require some new upgrades. A high-quality custom dashboard such as those promoted by the professionals at Avitas Technologies are a reliable source of information that is uninhibited by software limitations. In general terms, the perfect customized dashboard should always provide the means for a company to monitor every process possible. Consider these major business intelligence staples:

  • Graphs created to show trends
  • Graphs comparing previous periods to the current environment
  • Reports
  • Scorecards
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Manufacturer performance
  • Brand performance
  • Technology performance
  • Salesperson performance
  • Inventory analysis

These are just a few key elements that should be provided by a great custom dashboard. These and other important aspects of your business should always serve to provide working scorecards in areas that may need improvement, as well as in areas targeted for growth.

Increase the Bottom Line

The main task for any custom dashboard is to provide the information and the visual tools for the continual growth of the company, including its profit margins. By regularly monitoring trends and other current issues, businesses can expect to continuously increase their own knowledge in the intricate cause-and-effect of serious company issues.

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Jerry Fadden is co-founder of Avitas Technologies, LLC. Avitas is a Portland based custom software development company, focused on solving business problems like paperless initiatives, timesheet tracking, virtual employee productivity and much more. While our primary customer base is composed of members of the service industries, Avitas provides software development resources to a variety of companies throughout the United States. Information can be found on our company's website - www.avitastechnologies.com.


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Harnessing the Power of Custom Dashboards

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Harnessing the Power of Custom Dashboards

This article was published on 2011/05/07