Halifax Home to Diverse Cohort of Academics and Nature Lovers

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The largest city in Canada’s eastern region, Halifax, is beloved by a diverse cohort of people from academics to nature lovers.

For the former group, the city offers a robust community of accomplished writers, professors and philosophers many of who are employed at one of the Halifax’s eight universities.

For the latter group, the city easily connects people with the outdoors providing ample opportunities for waterfront exploration, hiking, running, sailing, swimming as well as scuba diving.

Among those inclined to live in such a diverse city, one particular apartment complex is considered the best place to rent an apartment in Halifax.

This abode offers bachelor apartments as well as those with single or double bedrooms. Many consider it a perfect location in the South End of Halifax as it is within walking distance of St. Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, the Victoria General hospital. In addition, it is close to grocery stores, good restaurants and bars and the downtown business district. Residents can expect to buy pizza within the building, pick-up a video, have their haircut or enjoy gourmet coffee all within the building.

It is well managed, secure and popular because of its spacious yet reasonably priced suites and one-of-a-kind penthouse apartments.

It is difficult for other cities to compete with all that Halifax has to offer. Many residents appreciate the city for its expanses of green space. The Public Gardens abuts the downtown core, providing a quiet space for people to enjoy flowers and greenery without having to travel far from the offices where they work.

Residents can do everything within the building from picking-up a video, to having their haircut to enjoying a gourmet coffee or buying a pizza. It is well run, safe and popular because of its large but reasonably priced suites and one-of-a-kind penthouse apartments.

Point Pleasant Park is popular among bird watchers, dog walkers, long distance runners and people keen to watch ships coming into the port.

Many history academics and enthusiasts have been especially excited by the fact that Halifax is home to one of the country’s oldest churches. St. George’s Anglican Church, also known as the ‘Round Church’, was built in the 1800s. It was meant to serve as an addition to a smaller church, but the pleasing look of its rotunda and the overall architectural accomplishment of its design was so pleasing that it soon became the focus.

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Halifax Home to Diverse Cohort of Academics and Nature Lovers

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Halifax Home to Diverse Cohort of Academics and Nature Lovers

This article was published on 2013/05/07