Fun Things to Do After Prom

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So you’ve already picked from affordable prom dresses, accessorized accordingly and made all the appointments to get your hair and nails done before prom. It’s sure to be fantastic and you’re bound to be a hit. But what about after the dance is over? Prom night is the biggest celebration for soon to be high school grads (short of graduation night of course) so you want to party with the best of them. There’s a lot more fun to be had after prom with your friends, so make kicking off those designer prom shoes fun as you paint the town with your buddies.

Go Out to Eat

24-hour diners are one of the staples of after prom attendees. Places like Denny’s or IHOP are a great place to unwind with friends and chill out. After spending the night dancing you’re bound to be hungry even if you ate beforehand so hit up a local diner for a midnight breakfast with your pals and rave about what happened. You’ll also get the advantage of not needing to feel rushed to get there or leave. Plus, it’s going to be great to sit down after standing/dancing around in those designer prom shoes all night.

Plan a Trip

This is a bit trickier and requires a bigger budget and major planning in advance. With the need to stay at a hotel overnight, many parents aren’t going to approve so be sure to get the word out fast just in case you need to change plans because not enough people can attend. But if you can pull it off (or don’t mind adult supervision tagging along if it needs to) you can head out and see some great sights and events the day after prom. Perhaps head out to a farther off amusement park or even camping if your friends are the adventurous type. Just be sure to bring clothes other than the prom dress!

Bowling/Local Entertainment

Bowling is one of the other popular after-prom activities. It’s another great place to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere with a group of close friends and has the advantage of being easier to pass by the folks without breaking the bank either. If there are any other late night activities in your area, like a comedy club, laser tag, or even ice-skating you can attend that as well. Just be sure to verify when they close and that you’ll have enough time to have fun!

Have a Sleepover

For those lacking money to play with, just hanging out at a friend’s house watching movies until morning is another good way to close out prom. It can also be the closer to any other activities so long as you get clearance on it first. It can also be a great transition to one of the biggest prom traditions…

Spend the Next Day at an Amusement Park

Many prom-goers make plans to extend the fun by going to a place like Six Flags or another nearby amusement park for the day. So meet up with a bunch of classmates and buddies and venture in to chat, go on rides and just have a blast after prom.


Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you set it up in advance to make sure everyone can attend. It will also get you into far less trouble than letting your parents know last minute. Pre-planned events also go much smoother than thrown together ones, so chat with your friends about what you should do for prom!


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Fun Things to Do After Prom

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Fun Things to Do After Prom

This article was published on 2011/12/30