Factors to Consider When Starting a Child Daycare Center

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Before you invest your start-up capital and time into starting a daycare center it is important to give some serious thought as to whether daycare in the right business for you. Managing a child care business can be very satisfying and profitable but if you are not the right person for this line of business than it can be a disaster. Here are seven things to consider that will help you decide if daycare is right for you or not.

1) Do you like children? While many people imagine child care to be rewarding and enjoyable work they often discover that it is more stressful than they had anticipated. Make sure that you enjoy taking care of children, playing with them and educating them before you become a daycare owner. You must be interested in early childhood development if you are to really enjoy working in this field.

2) Leadership Skills. As a daycare business owner or administrator you will be responsible for leading not only children but also your employees.

3) Are you hard-working and motivated? To handle administrative duties as well as the practical side of running a daycare you have to be dedicated. Success will depend on your ability to be organized and manage your time and the time of your staff well.

4) Health considerations. To run a business in this industry it helps to be fit and healthy and to have a strong immune system. Children get sick more often than adults and you need to be able to avoid getting sick if you are to remain productive and in control.

5) You must be able to keep cool under pressure. If a crisis or issue comes up then you need to be able to stay calm in order to do your best to help your children and to relate well with their parents.

6) Funding. You must have sufficient funding to cover not only the start-up costs of getting into this business but also to allow for your living costs for a period of several months in the case that your business doesn't grow as fast as you had anticipated.

7) Do you have the appropriate qualifications skills and experience to manage a business in the child care industry? Some states require administrators and staff to meet certain requirements in terms of qualifications and experience. Having skills in general business management and marketing will also be extremely useful.

Examine your personality, experience and other assets and attributes and decide if starting a daycare business is right for you. If not then you may need to take some time to gain some skills and experience and to do other things to get yourself in a better position for finding success.

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Factors to Consider When Starting a Child Daycare Center

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This article was published on 2010/04/03