Duties Of A Landlord Towards His Tenant In Edinburgh

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A large number of people in Edinburgh will find themselves in the position of a landlord either through letting a house or just a room. Majority of landlords rent out property and take in lodgers for the sake of cost sharing, they let out their old homes after moving to new ones. They buy a flat for the sake of renting out to student, buying property to let as an investment etc.

It is very significant that a landlord must acknowledge his duties and responsibilities towards the tenant. There are various house owners who have very professional behavior as a landlord. Their accommodations are very well managed and high quality. At the same time there are some businessmen in this field who are imminent on the legal rights of tenant. The Scottish Government has implemented some certain laws to improve the private renting standards.

Physical issues
The physical issues are very concerned in tenancy therefore the landlord must make sure that his property is fully wind and watertight, and property has reliable appliances and efficient heating system. The landlord must keep in mind the maintenance of property and always make sure that it is in good condition. If a landlord has well maintained property then he can let it out easily on a high rent. If your property has damaged from any place then it must be repaired at any cost immediately. If it is not to be repaired then it may become endanger to anyone. The gas, electric, and furnishing requirements also laid down in the laws so all these also should be kept in mind.

One of the leading issues is management issue in Edinburgh. The tenancy period must be end on the well relationship between tenant and landlord. In the tenancy agreement this thing is very important that parties should be well aware of their rights and duties. A landlord must introduce the rules and regulations of the house, For example when and where to put the rubbish and cleaning arrangement. Therefore it is very important that both parties must give it legal position and put all the rules into writing. Any rights and duties which are provided by law cannot be signed out.

Landlord registration
In Edinburgh all landlords are required to take registration with their local authority. In this purpose they want to assure that they are fit and proper person to rent out their property. If any person let out his property without registration then he will be offensive in the eye of law. In this matter the particular person has to pay the fine up to 50,000 pounds in the case of rent out his unregistered property. A person may have registration from the local authority for three years. There will be an enforcement action against any property which has been let after this time period. Thus the registration has to be renewed after this.

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Duties Of A Landlord Towards His Tenant In Edinburgh

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This article was published on 2012/03/20