Do I Really Need a Business Vision Statement?

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This is a common question that comes across my desk...

A business vision is merely a probable expectation of the future simply because you have to make it materialize through structured and timely implementation of your plans. Within the following article, you'll discover how to create a business vision statement.

Does your business seem overwhelming to you?

Does your business have you pulling the covers back over your head every morning?

Do you have a purpose driven life or is your to-do list controlling your every thought?

Develop a written business vision! Once you create your business vision statement, you will simplify and clarify all other interconnected aspects of your business. When you are clear on your customers, scope of your geographic influence, marketing, funding and the product and service.....your future becomes crystal clear.

Your Business Purpose Needs Clarification

A business vision is a written statement of your ideal future. It is a transparent picture of what you need the business to accomplish. Your business vision will represent your final destination. Your business vision should inspire you and keep you focused, motivated and out of the day-to-day grind. A business vision is several things.

- It is a secure confident outlook of the future.
- It encourages creativity to help achieve higher goals.
- It excites your imagination to the possibilities.
- It is the foundation for all potential planning and execution activities.

Focuses On Essential Business Activities

A vision statement is your unique plan for the future. You scrutinize and eliminate time consuming activities to ensure you stay on track to your desired future. Several key business activities are uniquely interconnected.

Your customers....what market niche will you serve?

Write down your description of your target customer. This is your ideal customer...your target market, which may or may not be true of who you serve now.

Your scope of your geographic influence...what areas do you want to serve?

Write down your geographic coverage area if you are a brick and mortar business, home-based business or the languages you support if you are internet based.

Your product or service....Will you have one primary or multiple products or services?
Will you need to monetize if your internet based?

Write down a description of what you sell to your customers.

Pull It All Together...

A business vision combines your customer, your geographic area and your product or service. Start by writing one complete sentence that combines all three elements. It's that simple. You definitely need to modify and tweak this formula to make it flow in an organized concise manner. Congratulations! You are now a part of a select group of business owners that have a formal written vision statement.

What is the next step?

Write your business vision in your day planner and use it as wallpaper on your computer screen. Tape your business vision to your bathroom mirror or on your coffee pot. Periodically review it to ensure it still reflects your unique way of serving your customers and make necessary modifications so you can passionately communicate this to your staff and clientele.

When you notice certain activities don't get you to your future, you change direction and refocus on the activities that do. Soon you start to become confident about making changes that are aligned towards achieving your long-terms plans. You become more empowered and self-assured when saying "No" to clients that don't help your long-term bottom line. You become optimistic about investing your time and money in training, people and systems that are vital for the health of your business.

Do You Dump Your To-Do List?

Absolutely Not! Align your to-do list to support those key activities associated with customers, products and services. Your to-do list is essentially a guide to support your critical activities. Always do the most productive activities first and then move on to the others, if time permits. This gives you those 'feel good' endorphins that keeps you motivated and excited about your business which will get you out of bed every morning feeling positive and alive.

A business vision statement is only indicative of the potential future. It does not accurately represent the present. You make it materialize through excellent implementation of your plans. If you are not crystal clear in your vision - you will not be clear in your marketing and advertising, on your website, in your proposals and in time management of yourself as well as employee activities. You will not have identified how your business vision allows you to live the life you dream about. You will not identify what specific key activities to use and what goals to achieve which will ultimately determine which steps are needed to insure a successful business and solid future.

Your business vision statement will inspire you and your employees. Get started and write one today.

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Do I Really Need a Business Vision Statement?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28