CDs and DVDs Make Great Marketing Tools

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I hate business cards. They are the poor mans baseball card. Or at least that’s about what they amount to in the business world. Sale representatives spend dozens of hours a week collecting them, only to store them in boxes under their desk. Middle management level employees spend half their work week showcasing the title on their cards. All in all, no one really cares.

In a world of on demand information the business card is truly quite the dinosaur. We no longer use rolodexes or card files. Most business professionals use a combination of electronic address books and CRM systems to store and track data and contact information. However, even with the limited use a business card provides having one is still expected.

Have you ever tried to attend a networking event or mixer without a hefty stack of freshly cut business cards? Try it sometime. You will get the most puzzled looks and frequently be questioned as to if you just recently ran out. Don’t tell someone you simply chose not to bring cards, they won’t understand.

The paper business card has become a vestigial organ, much like the appendix or spleen. We carry them with us, but we’re none the wiser for having them. They once had a function, but in the digital information age they’ve been all but bypassed. But like our bodies, evolution just isn’t ready to completely let go.

While the world isn’t ready to totally let go of traditional business cards, there is a new trend making waves in business card production, CD and DVD business cards. If you haven’t seen one yet, they are simply CDs or DVDs cut to mimic the appearance of a traditional 2×3 business card. On one side they are encoded with any type of electronic data one would want, and on the other contact information is printed.

Using DVD duplication software, vendors can imprint the business cards with any message your company wants to deliver. Would you benefit from a video or slideshow of your companies portfolio of work, or how about a PowerPoint presentation or interactive software for potential clients to interface with? They are all viable options.

Clients can simply pop these business cards into their computer or in case of DVDs even their DVD players and be instantly connected to a world of information on your goods or service. It’s an excellent way to engage customers in real time, without forcing sales meetings or phone calls. You can relay company history, projections, and marketing or public relations pieces all at the click of a button. You can even direct the client to a website instantly and securely. Thanks to the latest in DVD replication, thousands of business cards in your briefcase can act as a commercial for your business every time you meet someone. Forget elevator speeches, this is the whole office building.

Ordering CD/DVD business cards is inexpensive too. Yes, they do cost more than traditional paper. However, studies have shown that people are more likely to keep CD cards and investigate them than they are to keep paper cards or visit a website printed on them. In simple terms, these cards give you more bang for your buck.

If you are looking to enhance your company’s image or marketability CD or DVD business cards might be the right move for you. There a variety of resellers online and the cards can be customized with your personal message by a number of online retailers, marketing companies, or your in-house team. The cards a sleek, they’re interesting, and they’ll propel your company message to new heights.

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CDs and DVDs Make Great Marketing Tools

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This article was published on 2010/10/20