Business Lead Generation By Prospecting

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What do you understand about prospecting? You may see this as a term used in sales and marketing and rightly so, but you could equally use the skills of prospecting in your daily lives, whether to network or to engage with peers and businesses.

It is surprising how many business owners don't prospect at all and there always seems to be a reason, but these are really excuses. There may be a view a product can sell by itself, there is no time to prospect as results are wanted now and there is also the fear factor of having to engage with people. Prospecting is a great business lead generation activity.

Deep down, prospecting will help create new business leads and ultimately better business. This is so important for those involved in mlm lead generation, Network Marketing lead generation and home business lead generation.

Prospecting can be compared to exercising and requires time, disciple and consistency. Most people stick with it, but is not something learnt overnight. As you learn and grow through experience, your ability to prospect effectively will strengthen over time.

Here are some rules of prospecting;

1. Be proactive. It is not a case of prospecting when sales are down but also when they are up. You need to generate a constant pipeline to keep business steady. Besides, would you sound more upbeat if you prospected when things are going well. You may come across desperate when things aren't going too great. Ensure you set goals and targets.

2. Follow up. You do need to follow up everyone you meet, and this means everyone. Always take down details of those you meet and set aside time to either call or meet them. It is also important you do as you say. If you promise to send out some details then ensure this is done. Keep your promises.

Every contact is about building up relationships. In your contact, you can add some personal touches, but this must be kept limited. Just do enough to help make that connection.

3. Focus on the high percentage opportunity. It is important the prospects business or problem aligns to your solution. Don't waste the time and energy if this is not the case. At the end of the day you want results, not to keep busy. Always prospect for the best fit.

You may need to adapt and change according to each situation in order to get results.

4. Think long term. It is said that 80% of sales are made on the 5th encounter. Whether true, prospecting isn't about getting an instant sale. It will take time, so it is important this is understood so that you don't rush in to make that sale.

As said already, prospecting is a way of building a relationship with people.

Some good advice is to prospect with your mindset. In other words think about how you can help them by way of making that connection. Exchange information about you, what you do and how you can help. You are effectively planting seeds for the future.

5. Create reciprocal value. You need to become a valued resource. Connecting with your prospect with a solution that will address their problem which not only gives value but promotes your brand.

6. Be remarkable. You need to stand out. What makes you stand out from the competitors? Your success depends on consistency and discipline. You need to be applying both of these to get substantial results.

Have a prospecting system as this is a powerful tool used initially to get loyal customers and ultimately an increase in sales. Remember, prospect marketing is the art of making connections, not rushing in to make a sale. Normally you would see results after 90 days so be patient.

My name is Gary Oakes and I'm helping people to build a presence on the internet. Prospecting is all part of being a successful marketer. This is one of many tips available in respect to marketing on the internet. Training is also available for which I'm a coach. If you wish to know more then please visit FreelyProsperous.

It does not cost you anything to make enquiries, and you never know this might be the very thing you are looking for.

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Business Lead Generation By Prospecting

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This article was published on 2010/09/24