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Whether you work alone, with others or as a team leader, workplace motivation is essential for success. Tasks that you need to carry out are undertaken faster and more effectively when you are motivated. Without it you will have a sluggish business or one that is grinding to a halt. In business coaching and mentoring the following motivation tips will be used to keep your business going.

Before you start, make sure that you understand what motivates you, your colleagues or staff. This is the first step in taking control and being able to direct decisions and actions so that you are achieving goals.

For every project you start follow these simple steps:

1. Know your goal

It is essential that you and any co-workers understand exactly what you are working towards. Make sure that you have a very clear idea and vision for your business goal, and make it very specific. This needs to be made clear to every person working on the project. Without this understanding it will be difficult to achieve it.

2. Know your reasons

What are your reasons for reaching this goal? If you do not have a very good reason, you will not be motivated. If you work alone your reasons may be personal, but for your colleagues, your understanding of what motivates them needs to come into play here. This understanding will help you to create powerful reasons for anyone you work with. They need to understand why the business needs to reach this goal, and how it impacts them.

3. Know your strategy

After following the first two steps, the motivation that is created will help you to create powerful strategies for achieving the goal, and those who work with you will be able to contribute valuable ideas because they have a reason for doing so. Once you have developed a strong plan of action, you need to set this out clearly and disseminate it to everyone involved, with each person's role clearly stated.

4. Review

In order to maintain motivation, make sure that your goals are regularly reviewed by yourself and any others. Check that your action plan is working, and make any adjustments necessary to the goal or the strategy to make sure you are staying on task.

Workplace motivation, whether alone or with others, relies on these steps. These basic business coaching and mentoring tips will dramatically increase the success rate of your actions and the satisfaction of your achievements. It will also create more involvement and purpose in any staff you have. Go ahead and good luck!

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Business Coaching and Mentoring - Workplace Motivation

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This article was published on 2010/04/04