Building Trust in Business Relationships

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While it is not something that people usually spare a thought to, much of the effectiveness of a business is hinged on the balance of trust. Trust in business relationships is integral if you wish to see your company flourish. The Global Economic Crisis has seen a complete breakdown of trust happen in many businesses. Managers and business owners are nervous that they are going to hit trouble. Employees become fearful for their job, especially when they see retrenchments. This is in turn passed on to customers, who lose trust in the company which loses business, loyalty and referrals.

When trust breaks down you will start seeing the outward signs immediately. Nervousness, inefficiency and conflict are all common. This leads to poor performance on all levels, and a sharp decrease in customer satisfaction.

When staff are unsure about their job security, performance levels drop. A company with low business trust relationships with its staff will also have low retention rates.

How Entente Can Help

If you can see the signs of broken trust in your business, there are ways to rebuild that trust. Entente is a company that specializes in business trust relationships. Entente runs regular events and seminars that can help you recognize the signs of trust breakdown and start repairing the damage.

Founder, Vanessa Hall has a long history of helping both individuals and companies learn about the nature of trust and how it affects them. Her simple model has revolutionized the way many people think about trust. She is also the award winning author of The Truth About Trust.

The Business Trust Simulator

Are you unsure about whether you or your business has problems with trust? Do you want to help your staff learn how to trust again? Rebuilding trust is possible, no matter how dire the situation may seem.

While most of us are aware of the fact that we feel mistrust towards certain people in our lives, for the most part we fail to realize that this is a toxic state of being.

Are you unsure if trust relationships are affecting your business in a negative way? The business trust simulation can help. This trust game is simple to use but can help you make great leaps in recognizing the problems of trust in your organization.

The trust simulation will assess whether these problems exist, the areas in which the most serious problems occur and help you make the necessary steps to work towards rebuilding trust relationships.

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Building Trust in Business Relationships

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This article was published on 2010/03/28