Breaking Bad Habits: 4 Bad Practices Entrepreneurs should Avoid

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In business, there are a lot of things to learn and relearn.  New technologies are introduced consistently. New customers are generated by the day. And new opportunities abound every step of the way. Among these are things that need to be learned only once and others that need to be learned again and again. But as you go along your business, there are behaviors that are done routinely. These are habits that have been unconsciously adapted over the years.

But despite knowing which is better and ideal for the business, there are bad habits that business owners continue to commit. Whether it is to pursue opportunities that are not aligned with their goals or they accept work that won’t help their end goal (they simply take it for the sake of establishing a reputation even if it is not reflective of their business image), these are all considered bad habits.  

It is important to break the bad habits since they could be lethal for the business if done continuously. But it’s often difficult to correct something that we don’t know. Let’s do a personality check and figure out the bad habits you have been unconsciously committed over and over again.

1.  Trying to do many things at once. Doing a lot of things at once won’t really result in anything good. Instead of achieving the goals, the result is a poorly executed task. If there are a lot of things that need to be done, delegate them.  Find people you trust who can help accomplish the tasks effectively. For instance, you can hire a brochure or rack card printing company that can print the materials for you instead of doing it yourself. That will leave you plenty of time for more important tasks. Remember, you are no superman, so learn to accept the concept of delegation.

2.  Setting rules but ignoring them in the end. Say you set a one day rest every week. But as things get hectic at the office, you start working the whole week and forgetting about your one day rest rule. After all, your clients are more important than your rules. But if you continue to break your rule and work the whole week, you’ll eventually get burnt out and lose focus on your work. This will compromise not only your performance at work but your relationship with your family and friends as well.

3.  Not paying attention. Running a business is not a one way street. You don’t do all the talking. You have to listen as well. If your employees or clients have something to say, you listen. When you include surveys or feedback forms in your postcards or custom rack cards don’t just ignore the result. Remember that these people are the ones who see the progress of your business so they are in the best position to give you a detailed analysis of your performance.

4.  Not meeting new people. It’s important to expand your network. Don’t just rely on your existing contacts. Sure, it will be much more affordable to market to existing clients, but gaining new contacts will help you learn and leverage from their experiences and knowledge.  

Bad habits if not corrected at once will gradually ruin the business. You never know what hit you until you are down there. It will take time to break these bad habits, but with persistence it can be eradicated entirely. Get started now and get yourself out of your bad habits completely.

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Breaking Bad Habits: 4 Bad Practices Entrepreneurs should Avoid

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Breaking Bad Habits: 4 Bad Practices Entrepreneurs should Avoid

This article was published on 2013/09/13