Bookkeeping tasks eating into your “family time”?

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Do you remember the last time you went to a movie with your family?
Perhaps your kids like Superman and they want you to take them to Man of Steel!

But alas! You have no time to do that because you are stuck with your business accounts books.

Welcome to the world of small business owners and freelancers. The perks of being one is that you get to make decisions, pursue your dream business. But the flip side is that you are required to manage certain operational tasks yourself for various reasons – such as minimizing costs.

One of such – forgive me – annoying, but very important tasks, is managing your books of accounts. Keeping track of expenses and income everyday is the key to better bookkeeping. However, since you are caught up in a lot of other decision making tasks, this takes a backseat and turns out to be this little frustrating task at the back of your head. Since the accountant fees are high, it may not be too practical for you to hire a full time bookkeeper for your business. That might just burn your pockets.

So you think you are left with no other choice but to manage your bookkeeping yourself. You turn to bookkeeping software in hopes that it would simplify your job of bookkeeping but some applications in the market only complicate things further! You may not be comfortable with the user interface in the software or you may not understand the complex accounting terminology employed. Or the cost of installing and upgrading etc might be just not worth it. Whatever the reason, if you run out of options, you are left alone with a mountain of receipts and bills to enter in your books.

Is there even a simpler solution?

With outsourcing, there is!  There are several business owners who outsource their books of accounts to places such as India and China. It is really a win-win situation – because of the difference in currency, you can get things done at affordable rates. The key is finding a reliable outsourcing partner. The moment you have one, you can outsource your bookkeeping and look after your other business tasks with peace of mind.  IGS Bookkeeping is one such very reliable firm based in India they have professional bookkeeping services and virtual bookkeepers to take care of your books when you sleep in peace.

Considering all other options that might cost you either loss of time or money, outsourcing is really a solution that arrives at a compromise where you have nothing to lose. You only have to ensure that they are reliable and there are several ways to find that – check the firm’s clientele, security efforts and certifications. If you are convinced, you can sign them up for a trial period and take it up if you are satisfied.

With these trusted, competent virtual bookkeepers to assist you, you can really take your kids to all the movies they want and still have enough time to manage your business!

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Bookkeeping tasks eating into your “family time”?

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Bookkeeping tasks eating into your “family time”?

This article was published on 2013/06/18