Basics of Business Writing Techniques

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The business writing techniques in a business plays a major factor in the communication systems of an organization. It is important to note that the primary method of written communication is in the form of email. This provides a proven method of disseminating a message with ease. It is also important because the reader can review the contents of the message. The techniques of communicating in written form needs to be employed in order to communicate effectively with the recipient. An ideal business written communication should put in mind the below points. Besides employing the techniques there are other ways to make your written work more presentable. After you have written a business letter or email, it is important to carry out a proof reading. This helps one to do away with grammar and spelling mistakes. Proof reading also helps in misinterpretations and flow of sentences. It also helps to do away with irrelevant information. What is regarded as 'silly' mistakes can be corrected at this point.

In an ideal business writing context, there are factual features which have to be present in the text. The information should be clear and concise. It should also be coherent and correctly presented to the reader. It should cultivate reader's confidence and interests to read the content.

Creating prose, tone and clarity

In order to have a good communicative written message, the writer should avoid long sentences. Long sentence results to poor presentation of information making it ambiguous. Write with the intent to reduce ambiguity. A simple example would be the to spell out a person's name and their company name. The information in the content should be necessary and in the context of discussion. This implies that you should include what is relevant to the reader. Failure to achieve this tone and clarity denotes a lack of understanding of essential business writing techniques.

Numbers writing

Numbers should be words if implicating number less than 10. Numbers should also be words if the number is starting a sentence. This means that if the number appearing in the text and is greater than ten, it should be written as a number. Well presented number writing as a writing business technique creates understanding of the level of business professionalism in the writer.

Abbreviations and symbols

Dashes are used to emphasis information; brackets are used to play down words or phrases. The end of a sentence has to end with a full stop. The use of symbols is not encouraged except were necessary. If expressing monetary symbols such as, dollars, one can use the symbol that represents the dollar($). This is acceptable as it makes the reader conceptualize the information being communicated. Quotation marks should be placed directly to quote speech. This is an important business writing technique, which creates clarity and understanding to avoid mix up in reading or interpreting the information being communicated.

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Basics of Business Writing Techniques

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This article was published on 2010/04/01