Attract Clients With Color Business Cards & Postcards

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If you are getting ready to start your own business you will have many things to consider. The most important thing you will need to consider is advertising. You will need business cards for sure, and you may want post cards to send to perspective customers for your new business. With one good print company you can have color business cards which are more attractive and they are more capable of catching a perspective client's eye, but you can also get brochures, business letterhead and all of your other printed material to match. The better your paper stocks are, the more likely they are to stand out and be remembered.

When you choose your paper products, give thought to the kind of paper that is used to make your supplies. Glossy, color business cards will last longer and heavier paper will also last longer. Cheap business cards will get your word out for less money, but the first impression is the most important one. Make sure the printer you use offers good quality print and uses high quality paper to leave your best impression. If you choose to use post cards which are very cost effective you will want them to be printed on quality paper as well.

Using post cards is a great way to reach potential clients for less money. Some print companies will get really creative with you, by making post cards of different shapes and of unique paper. Say for instance, you are opening a shop for auto repairs, some print shops will create post cards for you that's shaped like a tire. All of your information will be printed on a black tire with white writing. By the same token of you are opening a dry cleaners, your post cards could be shaped like a hanger.

Some people want to have unique color business cards made in to shapes, but that may not be such a great idea. While postcards will normally find a home on someone's refrigerator, the business card will find its way in to someone's wallet or in a business card file. If you're business card won't fit, there is a good chance that your business card won't be referenced easily. If you want a truly unique set of color business cards, think color and texture. If you are starting a home improvement or carpentry business, find a card stock that resembles sand paper.

Many online printing shops may provide you with specialized graphics for your business correspondence, and some others will allow you to upload your own design. No matter which type of design you choose to use as your logo, be sure and keep it the same on all of your printed business stationary. Incorporate your logo on to your color business cards, your postcards and your letterhead. The more different places you put your unique logo, the more easily people will begin to recognize your business and remember the name of your business. A catchy, memorable business name is always a good start.

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Attract Clients With Color Business Cards & Postcards

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This article was published on 2010/10/23