Attract Clients By Changing Your Trajectory

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Lately I’ve noticed a sizable number of people who want to become life coaches and attract clients. I’ve been doing some research and paying attention to what they’ve been doing now over a period of many months. I’m watching a body of work. I call this body of work your trajectory.

What I notice is a big desire for the success. I notice lots of talking about being successful. I hear many phrases like, “I’m going to be a successful life coach this year.” “I’m committed to getting clients.” “I know what I need to do to build my business.” “I’ll get started right away.” “I know it will happen soon.”

I also notice that their actions place them on a different trajectory than what they’re talking about. Have you ever listened to an MLM guy talk about how successful he’s going to be, but he hasn’t even talked to one person in a sales conversation for months on end? You wanna tell the guy that he can’t be successful if he doesn’t talk to anyone. You wanna give him a dose of reality and say, “hey buddy, the trajectory your actions are on will not get you anywhere close to where you want to go.” You have to change your trajectory. That’s what I’m talking about.

I notice that as many months have passed, these people are still in the same place saying the same things about their business. It’s just that nothing has happened. And my responsibility seems to be that of the guy who comes along to offer a dose of reality. So here it is.

You can determine your success, your results many months from now by the body of work of the consistent actions you are taking every day to grow your business. In a coaching business, this is simple. How many sales conversations are you having per week, where you are actually enrolling people in your services and inviting them to coach with you? If the answer is not very many or none at all, then that’s OK. It just means that your trajectory is on a path that will not allow you to be anywhere near successful at finding clients and building a business. You can’t get where you want if you are not currently taking steps on the path to get there.

How much time per week do you spend talking with people about your business? Are you getting clients? Are people interested in what you do? How long has it been this way? If you continue to do what you have been doing for the past few months, where will your trajectory lead you to six months from now or a year from now? What do you need to be doing in order to change your trajectory to the path you want to be on? What will you have to face in order to make that happen?

You will probably find that you will have to raise your commitment level. You’ll have to face your fears. You’ll have to be professional about your business. You’ll have to commit to mastering certain skills. You’ll have to be accountable to yourself. You’ll have to consistently talk with lots of people in sales conversations. You’ll have to be OK with experiencing failure and rejection. You’ll have to claim your power and build your capacity. You’ll have to transform who you are.

Are you ready for that? It’s OK if you are not. You may need to wait longer before you are. If you are ready, you’ll know that you are ready when your trajectory is lined up on the path where you want to head. That means you are taking the actions to get there and you are on the path of life coaching mastery.
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Attract Clients By Changing Your Trajectory

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This article was published on 2011/01/25