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Part of successful, affordable website design comprises of many different facets of design, but also includes navigation and the 'usability' of a site. What does this mean? Usability refers to how easy or complex a product or design is for a user to navigate. Many website design services have a goal of converting in mind, while others may just want to provide the user with information that is easily accessible when building a website. Regardless of your website's goal, your website's navigation and usability will help determine how successful you are at attaining this goal.

What is usability testing? Usability testing is a method used to analyze a product by testing it. Sounds simple, right? It can be.

How do you test a website for usability? You can do an independent review of a website by a usability principal with a set of goals in mind as well as standard usability heuristics and web principles. You can also perform a usability test with a facilitator and observer. This is a very detailed and more accurate test than using a principal to review your website.

What are you testing? There are a few principles you should definitely test for including, but not limited to, understanding the navigation of the website, directing a user to your purpose, and how easy it is for a user to guess where to find things on your website.

What do you want to find out? You want to know if they can find what you are asking them to look for, how do they interact with your site, what confuses the user, where does the user get lost, what makes the user feel insecure, what does the user like and/or dislike.... among a number of other questions you can ask yourself.

So, does my website require a usability test? It won't hurt and it can be relatively cheap. If you need to consult an expert to come up with a list of questions and tasks for your user to complete, then you may have to shell out a few dollars to a marketing or one of the website design services, but if you conduct everything in-house, find a reasonable compensation for your user, then you are well on your way to a usability test to get closer to your website's goals!


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Affordable Website Design and Website Design Services

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Affordable Website Design and Website Design Services

This article was published on 2012/03/18