60 Years of Textile Excellence

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Clothing business is one of the most challenging businesses. To sustain in this business one has to ensure about the quality and brand image of the industry. Building the trust of the customers in textile industry is not easy. One has to be very careful about the customer service and the quality that you provide.

Textile is a tough industry because a business to sustain itself has to ensure that it embraces the change at the same time does not compromise on the quality and ensure that the pricing is competitive. TT Textiles with its immense experience and seniority in the textile industry has been successful in balancing all these criteria. We with our experienced team of professionals and leading technologies have been able to sustain our standards in terms of quality, fast deliverability and competitive pricing.

We at TT Textiles consider our line of business as our virtue and unlike many industries, our business is not a money making venture for us. That’s the reason that though we have the ability and capacity to explore into various other fabrics, we insist on being the providers of eco friendly fabrics like cotton and knitted fabric. We believe that end of the day more than a business house we are the citizens of this country and consider it as our responsibility to market and propagate the usage of only eco friendly fabrics. With this mission, we started our cotton textile and rose to become the market leaders in manufacturing and supplying cotton cloths and fabric.

If this is our business principle, the principle we follow with our employees and customers is mutual growth. We believe that when we are growing, we ensure that all those who are associated with us in some or the other form also get the positive results of growth and grow along with us. We believe in having long term relation with all our customers and ensure that their needs are met effectively and on time.

We ate TT textiles believe and consider our customers as kings. Therefore, we keep striving to always satisfy our customers. At TT Textiles, it is a perfect blend of traditions complimented with the all the latest technologies and facilities. Technologies change, trends change and we embrace all of these being close and not forgetting our foundations and roots. This approach has been the main reason for our business success.

From being the one stop solution for all cotton fabric needs, we also specialise in providing knitted fabric and also manufacturing of inner garment. Our knitted fabric are known for their smoothness, stretchability, durability and minimal shrinkage. TT textiles has ventured into garments and have proved their mettle there as well. All our garments are available in major cloth outlets like Big Bazaar, Vishal mega mart etc.

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60 Years of Textile Excellence

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60 Years of Textile Excellence

This article was published on 2012/02/22