5 Myths About Business Debunked

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There are so may things that often hold many people back from starting their own businesses, even when it is something that they really want to do. There are always going to be some fears, but when people are hearing so many myths about entrepreneurship, they don't go any farther than that. Or, even worse, they start a business, but allow these myths to hamper their success. Actually, a lot of these myths can actually harm the growth of any business, and they must be debunked immediately so they do not adversely affect any more small business owners. Five of the most common, and incorrect, myths about running a small business are:

- Small businesses can't go global: If you can dream it, you can do it. If you want your business to go global, there is no reason why you should not be able to succeed. With all of the avenues open to businesses today, such as the Internet, you do not have to only be a local business, serving just one small area. You can expand and do business all over the world, and the Internet is the thing that is going to help you to do this.

- My business doesn't need to be online: If you are not online, you may as well close up shop. Sure, you may be getting a little bit of local business, but when you are online, you are able to reach the entire world, and you have the potential to reach millions of customers. This is what your competition is doing, so why shouldn't you take advantage of it too? You need to not only have a website, you must create an online presence for yourself, so you are able to connect with your customers more easily and efficiently. If you are not online, go now, and just see what the Internet can do for your business.

- Word-of-mouth advertising is good enough for my business: Word-of-mouth advertising is great, and every business needs it. But, if that is the only way you are advertising your business, then you are really missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. Word-of-mouth is slow, and there are other ways that you can also be marketing that will bring in customers while you are waiting for those other referrals. Always keep your options open, and be willing to try different marketing methods to see which ones work best for you.

- I don't need any help running my business: This is one of the biggest mistakes any entrepreneur can make. There are always going to be things you need help with. If you try to do it yourself, you are not going to end up with the profits you really want, and you will be too busy to be able to enjoy the profits you are getting. You can gain more profits and make things a lot easier for yourself if you leverage your time. Hire employees who can take over a lot of the little jobs you really don't have time for. Take advantage of automation. Free yourself up, and you will enjoy your business a lot more.

- Bigger is always better: You don't need to turn your business into a major corporation to have it be a successful business. Many small businesses all over the world never get much bigger than they were at start-up, but still manage to compete with the bigger businesses. This is because they know how to market. It is also because when a business is small, they are more apt at being available to their customers, and able to provide personalized service, which is always appreciated. Many bigger companies just don't offer the level of customer service that a small business can, so really, bigger isn't always better.
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5 Myths About Business Debunked

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This article was published on 2011/02/17